Cable Guards and More Parts

Today I spent some time going through a big order of parts and hardware. This order included lots of stuff, including the rest of the screws for the wing inspection panels.

Bearhawk Wing Inspection Panel Screw Organization

This is my organization method for the wing inspection panel screws. Each panel gets one compartment. Can you guess which ones are for the fuel tank panels?

Dad was in town, so he cut out some new strips of aluminum for the aft section of the rudder cable guards.
Deburring with the scotch brite wheel

Dad deburrs the new cable guard blanks on the scotch brite wheel (which he gave me for my birthday).

I also ordered a foot of 7/8 .035 4130 to make fairleads out of.
Fairlead Tube

A new fairlead tube for the ELT bracket

Here’s where the new fairlead will go, just under the new ELT antenna bracket that I haven’t made yet.
Bearhawk ELT Bracket Fairlead

It goes here, mostly. This is the buklhead station aft of the rear cabin bulkhead.

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