Wiring and Covering

Tabitha came out today to help with the covering. She drew the pencil lines for the right aileron tapes while I worked on more wiring stuff. I installed the bracket for the HS34, which was far more difficult than it should have been. For some reason Dynon pre-drilled the mounting holes. This means that I have to try and drill holes in the panel that will match their pre-drilled holes. Since the mount is bent to provide the tension that will hold the instrument tight against the panel, it is impossible to match-drill the holes from the rear. They certainly didn’t do me any favors by pre-drilling the holes! I asked the Dynon reps if they could offer the bracket without the holes, and they said no. I started wiring the front seat headset jacks. The left jack will also host the audio out jack (for recording audio later) so it was a little bit complicated. To simplify things some I decided to move the audio out jack over to the area where the headset jack is.

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