Wire Routing

I started out today by putting the control sticks back in. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the left stick that will allow the push-to-talk switch to fit through.

Bearhawk Control Stick Push To Talk

This is the bottom of the control stick. The black grommet will pad the wire and reduce the size of the hole, which must be big enough to accommodate the body of the push-to-talk switch.

Next I attacked the 0.025″ aluminum panel that I’ve spent the last few days making. I didn’t weigh it before and after, but hopefully it saved an ounce or two.

Electrical panel lightening holes

This part is clearly Swiss-made.

I was ready to add a few wires to the left wing conduit, but it made sense to do as much work as possible while the wires were convenient and outside of the airplane.
Dynon Magnetometer Wire

I stripped the end of the 4-conductor shielded cable and separated the conductors from the shield. This quad cable is much easier to work with than the single conductor wire that I am using for the p-leads.

I added a piece of tie-wrap to use for future wire additions, then added the magnetometer wire and OAT probe wires to the left wing conduit. Lastly, I took a few measurements to see if I’ll be able to find studs for the Hartzell prop governor.
Hartzell Prop Governor Flange

I'll never be able to figure out why they designed this flange this way.

This flange design seems problematic. Even if I can get the right length of studs, it looks like installation would be quite a hassle.