Welding Skylight Tubes

I started cutting and adding in some of the new skylight tubes today.

Here is a new chordwise tube. Note that it doesn't really fit just right.

I cut a notch into the tube to make it match the mounting area.
Mysterious note from the future!
I learned in retrospect that the following picture shows a tube that is ground a little too much. It should have been a little bit taller.

Now it fits better.

Here you can see the pair.

Mysterious note from the future number 2:
The above and below pictures show another problem. I put the tubes in as straight tubes, and they should have been curved slightly. Can you see what I mean? They should probably match the curves in the channels at the wing root.

From this angle you can see the new spanwise tubes, and the problem with the chordwise tubes.

While I was there, I welded the seatbelt tube in place.

Here's the completed seatbelt support tube, ready for prep and paint.

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