Visit with Joe Lisanke

Today I was able to catch up with Joe Lisanke in Gainesville Florida. Joe has a set of wings that he built from scratch and one of the first Avipro fuselages. He has a Continental 470 with a propeller and is in the process of installing all of the stuff that goes into the airplane, including much of the instrument panel. It was interesting to see how much longer the 470 is when compared to the 360! His firewall planning was much more challenging, simply because there is less space available for the various parts that mount there. Joe has been building for a while and has been rounding up lots of parts from all kinds of sources. This leads me to believe that he also enjoys the treasure-hunt aspect of airplane building. He spent a couple of hours answering all of my questions, and I really enjoyed seeing how everything was coming together. I didn’t take any pictures to add here, but it was still a great learning experience. I value these visits immensely and consider it to be a positive spin on the usually less-positive travel requirements of my employment.

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