Trimming Baffles

I woke up early this morning to try and beat the heat. I made a few more rough cuts to get the baffles clear of the cowling pieces, then positioned the nose bowl as accurately as possible. I aimed for 1/4″ clearance and 1/4″ of additional engine sag. I started the cowl work with the top piece. I used the original edge as the back, since I knew that I was going to have to trim the front to match the fiberglass piece. I drilled the cowl top to match the firewall and boot cowl, and positioned it under the fiberglass nose bowl for marking.

Engine Cowling

Trimming the Cowl Top – It’s on wrong on purpose.

I drilled a hole in a piece of plastic (an old hotel room key) and used it to make a mark on the aluminum that is parallel to the line on the fiberglass.
Custom Scribing Tool

This hand-made tool helps mark the cowl top for trimming

That worked pretty well. Here is the top piece in position.
Cowl Top in Clecos

Cowl Top in Clecos

I used another hotel room key to make a similar tool for marking the baffle tops.
Trimming Baffles

Final Baffle Trimming

I drilled the left side of the top piece to match the reinforcing channel and hinge.
Left Cowl Hinge

Left Cowl Hinge

It feels good to get back into sheet metal again!

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