Tabitha Visits the Hangar

Today Tabitha came out and started working on her toolbox practice kit. The weather was nice, so we opened up the hangar door and let some sunshine in. I made more progress on drilling out the rivets that held on the nutplates for the wingtip screws, and started making the first strip for the wingtip support.

Tabitha Squeezes Rivets

Tabitha Squeezes Rivets

Flush Mount Wingtip Support

This is the Flush Mount Wingtip Support. Note the 1/4\

I used the snips to cut into the 1/4″ hole, leaving the original hole as the inside of the new “V.”

Flush Mount Wingtip Supports

Each cutout matches a rib flute. I had to give the strip a little bit of a bend so that it would fit the airfoil shape more naturally.

Substitute Teeth

The wingtip support strip also makes a nice set of teeth.

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