Stratoflex 156

This afternoon we tried a little bit of family hangar time. The weather was nice, so they enjoyed the shade while I made use of some new parts. A box arrived from the Sacremento Sky Ranch with the Stratoflex 156 hose for our oil cooler and a new oil filter. The new filter fits the adapter correctly. I found a good deal on a stainless steel oil line for the prop governor, and it also arrived recently. I tried for a few minutes to put it onto the engine, but quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen without separating the engine from the engine mount. I picked up some reusable hose ends from Oshkosh a few years ago, which came attached to a short piece of hose. I disassembled those today and put one on the end of our new hose, and by then, Tabitha was ready to go home again.

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