Seats Ready for Covers

I started wet sanding the first silver coat today while Tabitha carved the last bit of foam. They are ready for transfer to Mississippi for covering. I also spent a little while carving down the wingtip foam to prepare for the first layer of superfill that I added to the wingtip for the position light.

Sanding Polyspray

This is what the polyspray looked like after sanding.

I forgot about the elevator trim torque tube and its corresponding sharp edge under the fabric, and sanded right through. It really does just take a couple of passes with the paper to cut the fabric! Now I’ll have to learn how to make a patch.
Hole in the Fabric

Here's my chance to try patching fabric.

Rough Cut Foam

The foam will hold the position light mount in place until I can build up enough filler and fiberglass to hold it permanently.

Test Fit

I installed the light fixture just to be sure that it all still fit properly, and it did.

Smurf Extract

The filler makes me think of the Smurfs, so I refer to it as Smurf extract.

That should be ready to sand/file on my next visit to the hangar.

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