Seats and Populating the Firewall

Today I spent time adding more stuff to the firewall. While I was doing that, Tabitha was working hard on shaping the seat foam.

I added the nutplates for the battery buss, which is going to provide power to things that will be powered even with the master switch off. I finished installing the shunt for the primary alternator.

Z13/8 Parts Layout

On the left you can see the battery buss, on the right you can see the holes for the nutplates for the primary shunt.

Here you can see the brass grounding tabs.
Grounding Forrest of Tabs

Here I've installed the firewall grounding tabs and the primary shunt.

Cabin side of the firewall

This is what all of those nutplates look like from inside of the firewall, on the right side.

New Brake Line Entry

This is the new, higher location for the brake reservoir line, which will provide better toe clearance from the brake pedals.

While I was doing that, Tabitha was making good progress on the seats.
Front Left Seat Foam

The lawn chair makes a nice holder for the front left seat foam.

Tabitha, Seat Carver

Tabitha shows off her handiwork

I also started making some pieces of aluminum to try welding on.
Duct Flange

This was piece that I wanted to try aluminum welding with. This one didn't work very well, partly because the 3/16 holes and narrow strips along the sides.

I spent more time working on a mount for the ANL current limiter, but I decided that I didn’t like the progress.

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