Seatbelt Tabs, Flap Aluminum

The flap handle is primed and ready for paint, once we decide for sure on an interior color.

Flap Handle Primed

The flap handle is finally primed and finished.

I’ve also finally finished the aluminum flap handle crescent, after making it twice.
Aluminum Flap Handle Arc

Aluminum flap handle arc, take two. Keep out of reach of felons.

While I was at the bandsaw I cut out a piece of plastic in an attempt to make a center insulator for my VHF Nav Antenna. I’m concerned that this one isn’t going to be very strong, and it isn’t going to have any easy mounting options either.
Antenna block

This isn't going to be very strong I'm afraid.

I added some gussets to the seatbelt tabs today, which I made out of .030 steel.
Steel Gussets

I used made the first one, then used it as a template for the others.

I installed 3 out of 4 today, only because I ran out of time.

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