Seat Foam Ergonomics

Today Tabitha came out to help. With the seat pans finished, it was time to start thinking about cutting the foam for them. But first, the flooring supplies came in, both the foam padding and the top layer.

Here's the final color of flooring. It's the Nautolex Decko Dot in the charcoal color.

This is the 1/4\

The plan for the seats is to use one inch of firm tempur foam on the bottom, followed by urethane foam on top of that. I was initially planning on 1 inch of firm urethane followed by 2 inches of medium, for a total of 4 inches.

Mr. T tries out the back seat foam, but he says it isn't thick enough yet.

It looks like the 4″ cushion is going to limit the headroom, at least for me. We’ll keep the 1″ layer separate and use it when needed.

Here's a test of the 4\

Welding Goggles for extra effect

Here's a headroom test. Even without sitting up straight, there isn't a headset worth of space between my head and the ceiling structure.

Tabitha tries out the flap handle, demonstrating the need for inertia reels for the front two people.

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