SD-8 Wiring

Today I continued with wiring the SD-8 and it’s components. I have a copy of the Z-13/8 drawing in the hangar, and I’ve been drawing lines on the diagram to note wires that are complete. First, I made a hole in the firewall for the alternator output wires.

Firewall Grommet

This grommet will fill a hole that is just big enough to get the connector through.

Firewall Hole

I chose this location in the firewall because it made for a nice short run to the alternator.

Then I ran the wires to the circuit breaker, which is part of the crowbar over voltage protection.
Circuit Breaker Wiring

The bottom circuit breaker is the 2A for the SD-8. the top is a 5A for the primary alternator's Crowbar OV protection.

Next came the wires to the switch.
Switch Wiring

The faston connectors at the back of the switch make the process easy.

Fuse links to the ammeter shunt

These wires are for the ammeter shunt. The ends include fuse links of 24-gauge wire.

The wires from the shunt go to a double pole switch that will provide a selection between the two ammeter measuring points.