Right Front Belly AL Panel

Today I was working on the new aluminum piece that goes on the belly just aft of the exhaust tunnel. I decided to remake these pieces because of some mismatched holes, and so that I could make the panel in two pieces. By making the left and right halves separate, I feel like I can have a closer fit around the landing gear shock struts, and I can add a dual-purpose aluminum angle joining and stiffening piece in the middle.

I started out by using the old one-piece belly section as a guide. I used .025 2024T3 stock to cut the flat blanks, then slowly started adding in the various perimeter shapes. I bent the very slight bend on my toy bench top brake, and then cut and trim to make the fit just right. Here are some pictures of the part clecoed in place.

From Above

Here is a view of the right side panel from above. The floorboards are out in this picture.

From Above Right

Here is another view from above, including the new aluminum side piece, which joins to this belly piece.

From Below

This picture is looking up from the left side.

The finished part

Here is the mostly finished part. It still lacks a joining tab aft of the landing gear hole, and hasn't been dimpled yet. I've been holding off on dimpling any of the boot cowl parts, since I'm still not entirely sure about how all of that is going to go together.

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