Rigging the Ailerons

I started to set up the ailerons for their final rigging, and realized that when I routed the cables yesterday, the ends at the turnbuckles were twisted and not quite right. This made the cables about 1/2″ too long, but I was able to correct this by carefully removing the nicopress, shortening the cables, and recrimping with a fresh sleeve. I set them to their final tension and added safety wires to the turnbuckles. I added cotter pins to the bolts, and made a careful end-to-end inspection of each of the control cables. I’ve often thought that the handle on our Newton SPRL fuel valve is a little bit ambiguous in its pointer design. I had the label maker out to label the elevator trim and flap handle, so I also made some little arrows for the fuel valve to help eliminate the ambiguity. I installed the remaining floorboards and belly pieces, and found that the fuel flow wires were going to need a new routing. I had routed them outboard of the steel tube near the floor, but that means that the wires could rub between the tube and the boot cowl. I disconnected each of the wires and moved them to eliminate this problem, but I can’t reconnect them until I bring the heat shrink tubing from the other hangar.