Reversing the Matco Parking Brake

Our spinner came with it’s original white paint, which matched the Husky that it came off of. I knew that we were going to have to repaint it one way or another, but we’ve both always preferred to have a polished spinner. I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose by stripping off the original paint and trying to polish the underlying aluminum. The chemical stripper that I used took the white paint right off, but the green primer didn’t respond to it. I used a fine scotch brite wheel in the die grinder to remove some of the green primer.

Hartzell Spinner

Almost naked spinner

I wrote before about my reversed parking brake control problem. These pictures show the solution. I removed the spring clip on the end of the valve arm and pulled it out. I stuck it in the other way around, thus inverting the valve’s operation. This makes so much more sense! In the picture below I left the old lines and it is even more obvious. I’m also glad to have a bit more clearance between the aluminum line and the grounding tabs.
Invertred parking brake valve

Inverted brake valve

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