Repositioning Door Area Flange

Today was a two-part day. In the first session, I used a dremel tool to remove the weld on the vertical portion of the door threshold at the forward end. This was to allow for repositioning that piece so that it would attach properly to the aluminum piece that goes there. This also involved cutting loose the piece that I added on earlier.

This is the forward lower corner of the front door. I've removed the weld and the paint in the area so that I can bend the whole vertical piece out some.

This is the same piece that I added earlier in the year. This time I trimmed it and moved it inboard some to allow for the aluminum panel.

I also addressed a small scratch that I made on one of the engine mount tubes. I sanded the area with fine sandpaper to remove the scratch, then sprayed a little bit of temporary primer to keep it from rusting.

Engine Mount Touch Up

In the second session I added on the front tubes for the skylight, cut the chordwise tubes loose, bent them to a slight curve, raised the front piece up, and cut out some new stringer tabs. This is all work that I wrote about a few entries back.

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Hours Logged This Session: 3.5
Total Hours: 1883.75

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