Reinventing the Window

Another suitable title for this post would be “Defenestrating the Stock Window Design.”

Tabitha and I have been discussing windows ever since our cookout and during our visit to Oshkosh. She says that the existing stock windows aft of the front doors are too small and too few, while I contend that they are completed and require no more work. In return she says that’s not a good enough excuse for them not to be just as she wants them. While we were discussing the matter in the Avipro booth at Oshkosh, Mark very tactfully told her that making changes prolongs the completion date. I didn’t ask him to say that, though if I had thought of it in advance I would have orchestrated it for sure. She has offered to provide the labor to make the change, so she is going to start figuring out what the ideal configuration will be.

Tabitha made up a plastic sheet and marked it with the locations of the structural members so that she could try out some window arrangements.

The first proposal is in red, which makes it somewhat difficult to see in the small version of the picture. Click on the small one to see the full-size version instead.

While she was doing all of that I tried drilling a hole in the gascolator bolt for safety wire. I asked Bob whether or not the gascolator needed any safety wire, and he said that he was comfortable with it not having any, since the friction from the o-rings would provide a thread locking feature. He did say that there wouldn’t be any problem with drilling a hole to make a provision for safety wire, so that’s what I did. It’s easy, only took a few minutes, and is done. I was able to find some coarse bolts that were a little bit too long, so I shortened them and cleaned up the threads.

Here's the hole before deburring

With an adequate full-size drawing of the proposed windows done, we agreed that the existing baggage door skin will need to be replaced.

I also spent some time building the little access panel on the boot cowl again. I don’t remember if this was the last one or not, but I’ve made several.

Reinventing the same piece over and over again- Here I am in another iteration of the panel that I have made a few times. I've lost track of which version this was.

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