Prop Governor Studs

Lately I’ve been fiddling with a Hartzell prop governnor that I got from another builder. The flange is designed so that the studs have to be just the right length, and my existing studs are too long. I spent a little while fiddling with it today before I finally decided to give up on the governor all together. This is in part because of the stud problem and in part because the splines on the governor don’t match the splines on my drive gear.

The Dynon EMS wire harness came with wires in place for every possible feature. I guess it’s easier to make them that way on a large scale. Since I know I’m not going to be using several of the inputs (fuel pressure, fuel quantity, etc) I removed those wires from the harness. I will probably be able to reuse most of them in other places, which is nice. Since I’m going to start wiring the avionics soon, I also made some wooden simulators for the Dynon boxes. I don’t have the boxes on hand yet, and the wooden pieces will make it easier for me to add the wires without making the final package too short.

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