Prop Governor Gasket

Back when I was making a new bracket for the prop control, I had to remove the back of the governor to ajust the angle of the control arm. This disturbed the gasket from that area, so I tried to find a replacement. I wasn’t having much luck with Google, so I just called up an “experimental friendly” prop shop and gave them the governor model. In a few minutes and for less than $10 I had a new one on the way, which I installed today. I installed the lower left fuel line that goes under the front door, and remade the aft line that goes behind the front door. The first version was too wiggly, and I made it before the wings were on, so it didn’t end in the right place. I’d recommend to others that it’s probably better to wait on making fuel lines until the wings are on. I added a tab halfway down the door post to support the aft vertical fuel line and meet the 16″ support requirement.

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