Priming and Wingtips

After spending a few minutes making holes in my aluminum welding practice pieces, I got back to productive work. I cleaned up the skylight parts and sprayed them with some temporary primer. I also trimmed the little grounding bus off of one of my fuse blocks, since I’m going to be using the brass forest of tabs instead. Finally, I used some aluminum screen material to block off the holes in the little rib that supports the aft end of the wingtips.

Wingtip Screen

The screen over the wingtip rib lightening holes will help keep the critters out of the wing.

Wingtip Screen

I used aluminum blind rivets with large heads to help distribute the load and prevent tearing of the screen.

I don’t know if the weight saved by the lightening holes is more than the weight that I added with the screen and rivets, but at least there are some flanges there to add some stiffness.

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