Power Distribution Panel

Today a few more parts came in:

PWM Dimmers

These dimmers are for the LED cabin lights. I found a great deal at allelectronics.com so I got 4. I doubt I'll use them all!

Alan stopped by and made some airplane noises:
Alan Tries it Out

Alan is planning on building a Bearhawk one day.

Since it was handy, I took a picture of my load analysis:
Bearhawk Electrical Loads

This highly technical chart sums up many hours of research!

I spent quite a bit of time with Bob N’s Z13/8 drawing and a handful of parts, trying to figure out how it all needed to go together. Bob’s drawing is a conceptual schematic, but it takes some effort to translate that to a practical layout. Here was one option:
Electrical Distribution Panel

I'm planning to put most of the electrical stuff in one place. I figured that the right side of the fuselage is a good choice, since it's close to the battery and battery contactor.

After a little bit more study I decided to change things up and center the buses around the tube that lies under the panel.
Distribution Panel Final Layout

This layout is to maximize the stiffness of the panel with regard to the underlying structure.

It’s enjoyable to do something as easy as sheet metal work for a little while!

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