Positioning Position Lights

Here’s the antenna block that I was working on in the last session. I couldn’t figure out how to clamp it for drilling, and even if I did, I don’t think I’d have enough room between the elements to get in there and install the nuts and terminals.

VHF Nav Antenna Insulator

Here's another attempt at an antenna insulator. This one has the correct angle between the elements, but I don't have any way to drill the holes at the same angle, since my drill press only tilts to 45 degrees.

Meanwhile, I did make some progress on the wingtip mounted position lights.
Reference Marks for Position Lights

These are the marks that I made to locate the position lights fixture. Once the wings are on, I will be able to get the centerline accurately transfered to the other wingtip, and the chord positioning will be easy to measure.

I used a step drill to cut the holes, and verified with my marks that the holes weren’t wandering.
Aeroflash Position lights

There isn't really too much fairing to do, since the fixture sits pretty close to the tip.

Installing Aeroflash Position Lights

The aft hole is large enough to fit the molex connector on the other end of those wires.

I mixed up a batch of epoxy and attached three 1/4″ sections of blue foam on the back of each of the two aluminum mounting plates. I’ll file these down to match the wingtip contour after they have cured. While I had the epoxy out, i also stuffed a rolled up section of paper towel into the open end of the aileron balance tube and filled up the last 1/4″ or so with epoxy to seal the end.
Aileron Balance Tube End

Sealing the tube end with leftover epoxy

Tabitha came out for a few minutes and carved more seat foam today too. She worked on the back seat cushions.