Populating the Firewall

Today I started planning to add a few more items to the firewall. I’d like to make sure that I don’t try and put two things in the same spot, and also make sure that I can have maintenance access to items that need it. Tabitha also came out for a little while and cut more foam.

ANL Current Limiter and Shunt

Here are two of the firewall participants, the main alternator's current limiter, and one of the ammeter shunts.

The current limiter is sort of like a giant fuse for the alternator’s output line.
Battery Bus Fuse Holder

I'm going to use this covered fuse holder for the battery bus, because I like the idea of keeping the fuses and associated contactors clean. None of these fuses (or any of the others) are intended to be replaceable in flight of course.

The battery bus will power items that will have power available all the time, regardless of electrical system switch position. These items will include some of the interior lights and those types of things. I also spent more time on the brake line forward of the firewall. I’ll have more pictures of that later.

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