Parking Brake Adjustments

Today I made a bracket for the parking brake valve. This will support the end of the cable.

Matco parking brake cable support

Parking Brake Valve Cable Bracket

I installed a cable control and found that I had a bit of a problem- it was backwards. I definitely want for the cable to be pushed forward when the parking brake is released, but in my first configuration it was the other way around. What I really needed was to flip the whole parking brake over. This would also solve the problem of the wacky curved brake lines that I wrote about earlier. Since the Dynon compass sensor is in the wing and I’ll need to be able to remvove the wings later, I needed to add a splice in each of the shielded cables near the wing root. I used a d-sub connector for both of the cables (4 conductors and a shield for each) and for the OAT sensor in the wing. In the end I’ll have the molex connector for the wing lights and the single d-sub connection for everything else. I made the connections for these cables at the instrument end, which completes the Dynon wiring. I used a little bit of rescue tape to build up the diameter of the bundle so that it will be more evenly supported where it exits the back shell.
Enlarging wire bundle

Small wires in a big hole.

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