Oil Cooler Continued

I added the first layer of superfil on the windshield fairing, and another layer on the intake scoop. It will take several layers and lots of sanding to make them look reasonable.

Filler on Windshield Fairing

Here’s the first layer of filler on the windshield fairing

The oil cooler support will attach at the crankcase bolt just above the number 2 cylinder. I removed the original case bolt and added a longer version, and used the torque wrench to tighten the nut.
96 inch-pounds for the 1/4" case bolt

96 inch-pounds for the 1/4″ case bolt

I welded one of the ends of the oil cooler brace, and also welded a bit more on the number 2 exhaust pipe. I added the fittings to the oil cooler too:
Oil Cooler Fittings

Oil Cooler Fittings

While I was there I did a little deburring on the number 2 cylinder baffle.