Nutplates and Wingtips

Today I worked on the wingtips yet again. I have really made the whole wingtip process much harder than it needed to be. I added the nutplates back for overlap mounting, and reinstalled the strobe power supplies. I also added a bit of window screen to the lightening holes in the tip rib.

Window screen to keep the birds out

Window screen to keep the birds out

I also installed the remaining nutplates on the right wing root, which will allow for mounting of the wing root fairing. I added a clamp to the front of the radio trays so that they will attach to the little bar that I welded across there. Can you believe that I welded that bar on almost 2 and a half years ago? I remember it well, because I burned my hand quite smartly, or rather, not so smartly, by grabbing the still hot tube to lift myself off of the floorboard. I took all of the cowl and boot cowl off to start deburring and dimpling more holes.

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