Nutplates and White Paint

Several days ago I ran out of number 6 nutplates, so I ordered more. They arrived today, and I spent a while dimpling their lugs and installing them on various parts, including the belly sheet metal, the boot cowl, and the wing root. I riveted together the inspection covers that I had previously disassembled for priming, and also riveted the air intakes to the boot cowl sides. I finished assembling the rest of the windows and doors, and prepared the exposed portions of the front seat tubes for paint by masking off the areas that won’t get paint. I was able to remove the vertical seat cushions and separate the seat backs from the seat bottoms, which helped. In an ideal world, I would have painted the tubes before I had the seats upholstered, but as you probably would guess, this project hasn’t taken place in an ideal world! I sprayed a round of white paint on most of those parts, finishing up in mid afternoon.

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