More Panel Holes

I was able to get home for a day or so amidst lots of training. I thought about how to best fix the left rear engine baffle that I cut incorrectly last month, but decided just to order a new one from Vans instead. It was only a few dollars and will save a day’s work and produce a better finished product.

I also drilled holes in the instrument panel for the crowbar over-voltage circuit breakers and the 12-volt SAE (cigarette lighter) jack. I’m only installing one jack for now, but like many other things in the panel, I’m saving room for expansion. I came up with room for another two or so. I might want to have one on the main bus and one on the battery bus, such that I could charge and/or use devices even when the electrical system is completely off.

Bearhawk Air Vent Position

I needed to position the air vent so that I could lay out the location for the 12-volt jack.

Cigarette lighter

Here's a spot for one...

12-Volt SAE Jack

Here's where I put the jack for now.

And on the other side, circuit breakers.
Circuit Breaker Layout

I'm only expecting to have two circuit breakers, but I might as well keep some panel space open in case things change in subsequent years.

Here’s a better overview picture:
Bearhawk Instrument Panel

Instrument Panel Layout

Also, I had to adjust the modified flap handle so that it would slide far enough left to be in the right position. This involved a little bit of grinding and a little bit of bending.
Flap Handle Repositioned

The flap handle is back where it should be.

I filed and sanded the filler on the mount for the position lights too.
Wingtip Lights

It's starting to look better!

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