Making Smoke

After a few trips around town to find the right length of grade 5 bolts, I was able to install the last bolt for the alternator bracket.

I finished the main wiring for the electrical system, so I figured I’d turn on the master and see if it works. Since there aren’t any circuits connected the system is still pretty bare-bones at this point. Instead of turning on the master switch to energize the system, I used a manual connection of the battery lead. More specifically, I disconnected the positive lead from the battery, turned on the master switch, then touched the positive battery lead to the positive battery terminal. This allows for a very rapid disconnect, which turned out to be handy. As soon as I energized the system I got some smoke from the distribution panel, so I disconnected it quickly. After a brief investigation I found a fried ebus diode. It turns out that the mounting method I used did not provide sufficient insulation from the airframe ground. Hmm, that stinks, literally and figuratively. It should be an inexpensive fix though, since the whole diode package was only about $25.

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