Main Landing Gear

I started today by adding a little bit of fuel to the tanks. I wanted to see if there were any leaks, and there were a few. I was able to stop the leaks by snugging up the nuts a little. One of the necessary adjustments is to set the width of the main landing gear. That is going to require a few steps, so I started today on preparing to make that adjustment. First, I removed the main wheels, one at a time. I needed to do this so that I could set those last few rivets on the access hatches at the bottom of the gear legs. Next I put the wheels back on and started to put in the cotter pins, but I soon realized that there weren’t any holes in the axles yet! So I took the wheel back off and drilled a hole through the axle, using the axle nut as a guide. I reinstalled the wheel, installed the cotter pin, and repeated that process for the other side. I put cotter pins into the bolts at the top of the shock struts, since they won’t need to be removed during the adjustment. I removed the belly panels so that I can get better access to the shock strut tops, and stopped there, being that our new hangar doesn’t have lights to speak of, and the days are getting shorter.