Main Landing Gear Alignment

Today I was able to start in earnest on the main landing gear alignment. I used three tiedown straps per side to make a rigid mount for the fuselage. One strap runs from the firewall station to the floor tiedown (which is right about where it would need to be to serve as a wing tiedown). Another strap runs from the tiedown to the tailpost. A third runs from the tiedown to the top of the fuselage, near the rear wing attach bolt. The same pattern is on the other side, so I was able to end up with a very sturdy fuselage position. The final strap runs from the top of the vertical stabilizer to the ceiling, and holds the tail up to a level attitude. One challenge of doing these measurements on a dirt floor is that it’s hard to make marks. The best solution that I could come up with was to use two sheets of plywood, attached to each other with 2×4 lumber. This simulated floor allows me to make a chalk line for the fuselage centerline. Fortunately I’m working in the part of the hangar where we put extra gravel so the left-right level is pretty close even on the bare floor. I removed the tires from the wheels and put the wheels back onto the axles, then positioned the main landing gear so that the wheels were spread apart as described in the information from Bob. In the process of trying to measure the toe-in angle, all that I’ve been able to determine is that the thin little aluminum angles that I have been trying to use just aren’t going to work. I need to get some beefier steel angles that will not flex when I try to measure with them.

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