Instrument Panel

I started off today by getting some silver polyspray onto the patches. Don brought up the instrument panel, so I started with the deburring process while I waited for the polyspray to cure. I added the ELT controller to the left side, since it is something that is low on the ambidexterity priority list.

ELT Remote

I started by adding the ELT remote controller.

ELT Remote

I need to find some screws that are small enough to fit into those little holes!

I attached the rack for the GNS430 and GTX327 together, then added aluminum angle pieces to use for attaching the racks to the panel.
Garmin Racks

The racks have built-in spacers for vertical alignment.

Installing Garmin Racks

The same screws that I'm using for the wing inspection panels fit into the racks without interference.

Somehow I gave Don Bandy the wrong dimensions for the middle hole. It ended up being a little bit short, so I trimmed a little off of the bottom.
Enlarging the panel cutout

This was my method for enlarging the cutout in the middle of the panel.

I left to go get ready for the EAA meeting. On my way out the door for the meeting I got a call from jetBlue with a class date in 2 weeks!

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