Instrument Panel

Today I finished enlarging the center hole in the instrument panel and attached the two Garmin racks.

Garmin 430 and 327 Racks

Garmin racks in place.

Instrument Panel Switch Clearance

I cut some reliefs in the attach angles to make room around the holes for the switches

I added the Dynon trays, but did not yet cut the left flange off of the right tray. I’m planning to wait until I get the HS34 and its mounting hardware.
D180 and D100 Racks

D180 on the left, D100 on the right.

Next I enlarged the holes for the throttle, prop, and mixture.



I added a few more items to the panel layout, including the annunciators. To finish up, I sprayed a coat of polyspray on the side of the horizontal stabilizer with the patch.