Installing the Ailerons

Back at our first hangar, I loaded up the flaps, ailerons, wingtips, and a few other things to move to our second hangar. I unloaded those things and started making the connections that had been waiting on the wings. I connected the flap cables and fuel lines, excepting the front left fuel line, which wasn’t cooperating well. I connected the aileron cables and installed the pulleys near the sticks, and started investigating the known rigging problem. When I first made the cables, I overestimated the amount of turnbuckle travel that I would need to tension the cables. I built the cables with about half of the threads showing, so when I tightened them to 30 pounds of tension, I still had most of those threads exposed. The limit is three threads exposed, but at the time I figured it would be best to wait until now to remake the cables. I had planned to remake one of the two rear cables, but today’s investigation showed that I’m going to have to remake three out of the four cables, including both front cables. I’ll be able to reuse one of the front cables to make the shorter rear cable, but I need to order about 35 more feet of cable. Last night when we put the wings on, we just put the bolts in place with no nuts. Today I added nuts and torqued the lower ends of the struts, and the front wing bolts. I had two holes to patch in the firewall, and I had intended to do so with a stainless patch. Jack was at the meeting last night, and he suggested filling the holes with bolts and washers. That sounded like a great idea, so I did that too. The holes were about 1/2″ each, so I used AN3-3 bolts with AN970 washers on either side of the firewall. Finally, I started working on the pitot tube install. The access hole there is pretty small, so it’s slow going.

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