Installing Fuel Lines

Today was a full day of making fuel lines. I’ve remade a couple, and need to remake a couple more. There are a few noteworthy points that I’ll pass along about the process. First, bending the 5052 is a one-time operation. Since it work hardens after bending, if you bend it to 90 degrees when you really only wanted 87, you can’t unbend it by 3 degrees. The best that you’ll be able to do is put a 3 degree bend in the opposite direction right next to your 90 degree bend, and that looks pretty tacky. Second, using a welding rod or coat hangar as a template is worth it, even if you have to toss out the wire after a few lines worth because it is all bent up. This is in addition of course to the all important advice of making sure that you put a nut and sleeve onto the tube before you flare the end, but I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.

Here are a few pictures of my progress:

The fuel line on the left side under the door.

The fuel lines under the floor, looking up from ground level.

Here's the junction just in front of the right door

I had trouble coming up with a good way to route the line on the right side so that it would be out of the way of the cargo door. I cut this notch in the door sill in hopes that I’ll be able to route the line through there, but it is a tight corner going forward.

The first notch for the aft right line

While I was at Oshkosh I also picked up a piece of 1/4″ aluminum to make the door jamb fuel line shims out of. I started filing them down, but it is a long process.

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