Increase Wingtip-Aileron Gap

Today I was working on the wingtip mounting strip. I had originally put it in place with about a 3/16″ gap between the strip and the aileron, but I was re-reading Eric’s Building Manual and saw where he recommended a 1/2″ gap. This made a lot more sense, especially because it would be pretty stinky to have the aileron rubbing on the wingtip. So today I adjusted that gap, and spent the rest of the time drilling, deburring, and dimpling the holes on the wing side of the strip.

While I was working, I realized that in the past I would often work until I got to a stopping point. For example, in the case of this part, I would prep all of the holes, put in all of the rivets, and then go home. Then, next time i came to work, I would start on a new task. I realized that this is probably not the most productive way to work. Instead, I should not set the last 10-20 rivets, but leave the clecos in. That way, when I come back to work next time, I can walk in the door, turn on the lights (and my good friend the propane heater) and pick up the squeezer and get to work. By the time I’ve set all of the rivets, my mind is in the workshop mode and I’m ready to move on to the next task. This realization was certainly counterintuitive, but quite helpful nevertheless.