Headset Jacks and Door Sill

I started out today by finishing something from last week.

Top Stringer Forward Attach

This is the forward attachment for the top stringer, looking up and slightly forward.

While I had the torch out, I also added a few more parts to the skylight area. First up were some plates for the headset jacks.
Headset Jack Plate

This plate will hold the headset jacks for the front and rear set occupant on one side.

This plate goes on the spanwise mini-bulkhead that I’m creating at the aft side of the skylight. This is what it looks like with a couple of the jacks installed temporarily.
Headset Jack Plate Populated

The switch is required to specify stereo or mono headsets. I've never seen an intercom that required such a switch.

Both Plates

The holes started out as small pilot holes, as you can see in this left-right before and after picture.

Headset Jack Plate Installed

Here it is after welding in place

This location will put the headset plugs and cords up and out of the way, behind the front seat passengers and ahead of the back seat passengers. Update from the future: This location doesn’t work. The aileron crossover cable interferes. Put the jacks somewhere else!

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