Governor and Carburetor

Today was a good day for staying close to the propane heater.

Snow at the airport

It was really cold at the airport today!

Hartzell Prop Governor

I got this Hartzell governor from Frank.

Hartzell Governor

I'm not sure why they designed the flange with so little clearance from the governor body.

Hartzell Governor

I didn't realize until later that the splines on this governor don't fit my engine.

Hartzell Governor

Making the circle...

Hamilton Standard Placard

The old Hamilton Standard placard made me wonder how many airplanes this governor has been on.

Hartzell and Woodward Governors

The Woodward governor is on the left, the Hartzell is on the right.

Hartzell Prop Governor Studs

The studs on the engine as of now are too long for this governor. It turns out that the drive splines are also not compatible, so I don't think I'm going to use it.

With the topic of the governor installation on hold, I turned my attention to the carburetor.
Carburetor and Throttle/Mixture Plate

I checked the plate to be sure that the bracket hole for the airflow was at least as large as the hole in the carb, and it was.

Carburetor Installed

Here's the whole thing bolted together.

Carb view from the bottom

View of the carburetor from the bottom

Lycoming 360 Intake Side View

Here's a side view of the carb installation.

With all of that done, I was ready to figure out where to route the engine controls through the firewall. I wanted to keep the throttle cable somewhat parallel to the bottom of the transponder rack, which is perpendicular to the face of the instrument panel.
Reference Marks on the Firewall

The end of the ruler points to a reference for the bottom of the panel.

Bearhawk Throttle Cable Hole

Here's the hole in the firewall for the throttle cable.

Throttle Open

The throttle is in the full open position here.

I finished installing the throttle cable, and it works smoothly. I’m at a stopping point with the mixture cable, in part because the hole on the arm is 1/4″ and the hole in the rod end is 3/16″.
I drilled the matching holes in the right rear engine baffle and the right side baffle.
Right rear baffle

The aluminum reflections make for confusing pictures!

Oil Dipstick Safety Wire

I needed to remove the oil dipstick, so I took this picture to be sure I get the safety wire correct when I reinstall it.

Dipstick Removed

With the dipstick out of the way, I was able to put in that little angle bracket just above the dipstick hole.

Left Rear Baffle Holes

I also drilled the holes on the left side. You can see that this piece is much thicker to help support the oil cooler.

Lycoming IO360 Baffle

I'll be able to trim off a little bit of the left rear piece where it overhangs the left side piece.

I wouldn’t have thought that there would be 35 pieces to the baffle kit, not counting fasteners and soft parts.

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