Fuel Lines, Flap Handle

I finished making the wing fuel lines today and started on the fuel quanity gauges. I used files and emory cloth to debur the holes that Wade punched into the battery box yesterday, and used the band saw to rough cut the aluminum flap handle piece to shape. I used files and emory cloth to get it deburred and shaped to the final dimensions and it is ready to go. Tabitha came out and did more window mockups.

Unfortunately my pictures for this entry and the next few are gone, thanks to some hoodlums that broke into the hangar and stole my camera. The sheriff has arrested them, but they won’t say what they did with the camera. While they were there they had some fun with the dremel and grinding wheel and cut my perfect new flap handle aluminum piece in two. Wouldn’t it have been nice for them to do that to the old superceded one instead? My pictures won’t resume until 8-25.

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