Flap and Aileron Covering

I’ve been busy with work and that sort of stuff for a little while but I was glad to get back into the shop today. I started at lunch time, took a break for dinner, and finally left at 1:10am! I covered the left flap, starting with the ends:

Bearhawk Flap End

Left Flap Inboard End

Then the rest, all in one piece:
Bearhawk Flap Covering

Left Flap Covering

The previous owner of our kit located and drilled the hinge mounts, for which we are greatful. The only problem is that the bolt heads are very close to the bend and it’s hard to get to them with a socket. I found some high-strength socket-head alternatives and asked Bob if he thought they would be strong enough. He said that they would, so we’ll plan to use those in some areas. I prepped the left aileron for covering, which included riveting the trailing edge, cleaning off all of the dust, adding reinforcing tape to the rivet heads, and precoating the leading edge. As I mentioned in the last entry, I don’t really know if this is necessary on these parts.
Bearhawk Aileron Frame

Left Aileron before covering

Once the cement was dry I shrank the covering on the left flap:
Bearhawk Wing Flap

The covering is shrunk.

Here I am giving it the first coat of polybrush
First coat of polybrush on the left flap

Here I’m applying the first coat of polybrush on the left flap.

Bearhawk Flap Rib Stitching

Now the left flap is ready to stitch

I’ve been adding and removing lots of wires to the left wing conduit, and I wanted to add a full-length piece of some sort of string to allow for future wires. My orange avionics tying wrap seemed light weight and up to the task, so I used it. If I have to pull any more wires, I can pull a new length of string along with the new wire. The left side conduit is starting to get pretty full, so hopefully I won’t need to add any others.

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