Firewall Layout

More new tools! Maybe this is part of why I like building planes.

New Stuff!

Here are some fun new tools that came in from the Yard.

Parts from B&B

I also got a box of parts from B&B Aircraft.

I noticed that the Dynon ammeter shunt has 1/4″ holes. I hate to use 1/4″ bolts to hold the shunt to the firewall, because of the wasted weight and expense. 3/16″ bolts are overkill too, but at least I can use clip nuts that I have on hand. I cut off two short lengths of aluminum tubing to use as spacers. This is a handy size of tubing to have around! These pieces were leftovers from the Vans battery box kit, but I’m planning to order another foot with my next Aircraft Spruce order.
Dynon Shunt Hole Spacer

The aluminum tube is .25\

It took a little bit of trial end error to get the length right, since too long of a tube piece would allow the shunt to move out from the firewall.
Too Long

This iteration is a bit too long.

After studying Z13/8 and the firewall, this is the best layout that I could come up with.
Firewall Layout

I only have one shunt on hand, since the second shunt will come with the probe package. I used the single shunt to install nutplates for both, so when I do get the second shunt, it will bolt right in.

Cabin Side of Firewall Electrical

This is the view from the back (cabin side) of the firewall.