Final Tech Counselor Visit

Today my dad and I worked on shortening the list of final things to do. We started with installing the top wing root fairings, which I designed to use nuts. Nutplates would have made the work a one-person job, but since these will only come off when the wings come off, I figured that the reduced work of not having to install nutplates would probably provide a net gain over the occasional need to have some help. Our local EAA Technical Counselor Wesley came over to look over things too. He found a few good things to fix, such as my incorrect routing of one of the ammeter wires. I made good notes of all of his suggestions. After that, dad and I got back to the wing root fairings. I attached a few cosmetic fabric patches over the elevator trim arms and the flap pulley bolts, while dad reinstalled all of the wing inspection panels except for the fuel panels. We also lubricated the prop per Hartzell instructions.