Filling the Fuel Tanks

This morning dad came out to help again, and we finished up the wing root fairings. I used pliobond to attach velcro to the fuselage tubes in the area where the back cabin bulkhead attaches. I noticed a very small oil leak around the prop governor control head, and a few days ago I ordered a new gasket for that spot. We worked together to replace the gasket and re-safety the screws. I added the final magnets for holding the windows open- it took three behind the wing skin and one on the window. The one on the window is about 3/8″ in diameter, while the ones behind the skin are each about the size of a nickel. After those few things, I taxied across the airport to the fuel pump and we topped up the tanks. I wanted to get an accurate picture of the tank capacity, so I filled them all the way up. This proved to be problematic, because the fuel expanded and started venting out of the tanks as it warmed. Before I realized that this was what was happening, I was concerned that I had a leaking tank. I was relieved to find that it was just running out of the cap!