Fiberglass on the Wingtip

The weather was nice today so I added a layer of fiberglass to the position light mount on the wingtip.

Bearhawk Wingtip Light

The position light mount has its first layer of fiberglass.

I also picked up some 1.5″ electrical conduit to use for exhaust pipes. Since they’re galvanized and welding zinc is bad for my health, I dipped the pipes into some phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid will remove the zinc without damaging the steel base metal.
Phosphoric Acid Bath

The ziplock bag is just there to displace some acid and bring the level up higher.

Removing Zinc Plating with Phosphoric Acid

The acid has already started to dull the zinc, but it will take a few days to get back to bare steel.

I finished the second set of aluminum wedge shims for the fuel line too.
Bulkhead Fuel Fitting Shim

These aluminum wedges will eliminate a low spot in the fuel line where it passes under the front door jamb.

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