FAA Airworthiness Inspection

Today was the much-anticipated, rescheduled FAA inspection. I came out early to take off a few inspection panels and tie up the last few items. One was to add safety wire to the prop governor stop screw. Since I wasn’t sure that yesterday’s adjustment was going to be exactly correct, I hadn’t safetied it yesterday. When it was time for my appointment with the inspector, I went to the FBO and waited patiently, for an hour. After an hour, I called the inspector. After a brief discussion, we came to the conclusion that he had made a scheduling error and was not on his way. Fortunately though, he found someone else to do the inspection and sent him right up. I took a lunch break and waited for the new appointment time. The inspector was very professional, and had some suggestions for minor things that I could make better. He found the airplane to be ready to fly, and we did the paperwork. Since he didn’t have any advance notice about doing the inspection, he had not prepared the airworthiness certificate or operating limitations, and said that they would be ready in the next day or so. This was a bit of a setback, because the weather has been perfect these days. The good news is that the airplane passed, and the paperwork should be easy to remedy.

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