Engine Baffles

The baffle kit is, well, baffling. There are lots of little parts, so I started by laying them out and picking out the ones that I needed for the first steps. The sides were easy to find, so I deburred the edges and installed them.

Lycoming 360 Side Baffles

The left side baffles and reinforcements

I trimmed the back left panel, and did it wrong. It is supposed to be on the forward side of that ear on the engine case, not behind.
Left Rear Baffle Error

The area around the engine mount is trimmed to large, since the baffle is on the wrong side of the engine case.

I picked up some 4 gauge welding cable to use for the larger conductors forward of the firewall. The crimper that I got from the welding store works fairly well, but the ends are much larger than the conductor.

Test Crimp

This crimping method leaves lots of air space in the crimp.