Dynon Compass Module

I had to start by removing the carburetor this morning. This will give me plenty of room to work on the lower cowling pieces. I started preparing the sheets for the bottom. I think I’m going to start from the top and wrap them around, making the middle cut last.
I took a break from all of that to make some brackets for the Dynon compass modules. I tried to devise a system that would allow me to position the parts accurately during installation, since they are supposed to be lined up with the main box within a degree or less.

Dynon Compass modules stacked

Dynon magnetometers- one for the d180 and one for the d100.

Aluminum Rivets won't bother the magnetic field

Aluminum Rivets won’t bother the magnetic field

Dynon magnet bracket

The tall piece attaches to the rib

The bottom cowl pieces haven’t been as easy as the top pieces, but here’s the start.
Cowl Bottom PIeces

Cowl Bottom PIeces

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