Drilling Rivets

Today I finally got a nice middle joining angle for the two belly pieces, on the 4th attempt. It looks fine now. I spent the rest of the time drilling out rivets on the wingtip.

I really thought that attempt number 3 was going to be a good one, but I drilled the holes too close to the edge.

Insufficient Edge Distance

Note that the edge distance is way too short on the bottom strip.

Belly Joining Piece

This joining piece is more complicated than a joggle, but I think it will help give the entire panel some good stiffness.

Ready to Rivet

I drilled, deburred, and dimpled the holes, and now it's time to squeeze a few rivets.

Squeezing Rivets

Squeezing Rivets!

If I were starting with a fresh kit, I would have probably just planned to mount the wingtips by overlapping them above the wing skin. In this case, the holes in the fiberglass aren’t quite as I would like to have them. The end result is a little bit of waviness between the screws. There isn’t anything wrong with this really, in fact it is how lots of other airplanes look. But, since I’d like to try and smooth out the waves, I’m going to do it differently. Since the holes in the fiberglass are just slightly off, it would be quite difficult to attempt to drill new holes right next to them. To solve this dilemma, I’ve decided to mount the wingtips so that the fiberglass butts up against the wing skin, with a little support strip underneath.

Wingtip Holes

Here are a few holes after I've drilled the rivets out.

Drilling out Rivets

After drilling out a few rivets, it starts to get to be pretty easy.

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