Drill, Debur, Dimple, Nutplates

Today was a day with lots of hours and not a lot of pictures. I finished the work on the left air intake, which included dimpling the boot cowl and cutting countersinks into the plastic vent. I also dimpled all of the holes in the boot cowl skins that will get rivets, except for the firewall flange. I wanted to wait to commit to fasteners on the firewall flange until cowl time. I added some missing nutplates to the glareshield hatch (the corners that needed single lug nutplates) and started adding the nutplates to the lower boot cowl panels.

Install Nutplates

Here's a nice row of nutplates (in the wrong place)

Above you can see that I put the nutplates on wrong. I have made this panel 3 times now, so hopefully it is correct (speaking from the future again).

I also cut off some long strips of aluminum to use for the wingtips, and started preparing the stainless tunnel piece for it’s nutplates. It is so thin that dimpling is the only option for the nutplate rivets.

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